Testimonials from our Clients

This section of our web site contains emails and letters received from actual customers. Our mission is to make the buying experience to you, the customer, as easy as possible. We give you as many ways to order online as are available today on the web. We form our business around what's best for you and have always tried to grow as technology grows. We keep our prices competitive by doing research every year to make sure we are able to give you, our customer, the best prices possible. Another way we try to satisfy our customers is by charging very affordable shipping, and encouraging phone calls.

And don't forget, when you call to ask a question, you can talk to the owners, not just an order taker.

Here's what our customers are saying:

"..easy to navigate..."

The AutoFlo 200P is a good unit for the home owner who is handy with basic maintenance and repairs, because all those things that are going to wear out or go bad because it is a mechanical humidifier, are very easy to fix and/or replace. And having Sierra Sales & Service on the web as a quick and easy site to go to, in order to find and order the parts needed, makes it easy for me to keep the Autoflo 200P going year after year. I've ordered from you before and I came back because the previous experience was very good. And I've found your new updated website easy to navigate. I very quickly found and ordered all the parts I needed. Indeed I have you bookmarked because no doubt I will need additional items for 200P in the future.

Thank you, Larry Sunderland

"..thank you..."

"Thank you for your help. The float and pad holder worked perfectly. As I said before the generic parts that we used before never quite fit properly, but the official AutoFlo parts worked great. Again thanks for your help. It was really nice to actually speak to a human being who could answer our questions. We'll see you again next year. "

Harv Arians - Newport News VA

"..easy to order..."

"When we went to your web site we found it very easy to navigate around the site and to locate our unit and the correct parts. We looked all around and did find several places where some of the parts were cheaper, but none that offered everything we needed and so easy to order. "

Thanks, Adin Brown


"With respect to my Autoflo Order, I wanted to thank you for your prompt response and attention. Everything arrived as expected and the installation is complete and the unit performing as anticipated. Again, thank you for your professionalism and great customer service. "

Steve Luedders

"..I'll come back..."

"I'll come back to your site and I will recommend it to all my friends. Your price was better. Good luck with your business."

Warm Regards,

"..easy to order..."

"You folks at sierra-sales.com were able to answer all of my questions with one call, and get me the parts I needed to fix my older Model X15 within 3 days. Your Tech Service really knows the AutoFlo product line well. Thanks for all your help!"

Thomas Reilly

"..with your help..."

"Dear Sierra Sales, I was convinced that my Model 97 was a goner, but with your help I was able to fix it at 1/2 the cost of a new unit - Thanks for the help and I'll see you next year !!! "

Phillip Booth- Omaha Nebraska

"..thanks for your advice..."

"To Sierra Sales, Thanks for all of your advice about fixing my A40 humidifier. The cleaning solution you recommended let me clean up my unit without replacing half the parts. When I bought the house and began to work on the humidifier I thought it was a total loss until I saw the label with your phone number. and called for help. All I needed was a new pad assembly. I'll be a customer as long as I own a humidifier."

Sienna Colbert

"..your experience..."

"To Sierra Sales, The humidifier tablets you recommended reduced the amount of mineral buildup that I had last year and made my annual cleanup much easier for my 800BP. It's obvious that your experience gives your customers a leg up in doing routine maintenance Thanks for making it easier for me."

William Farmer

"..the best..."

"Your pricing is really the best that I was able to find on the internet. My old model 40 needed a lot of work when I moved into the new house and found the humidifier on the furnace. With the price of your parts I was able to fix my unit at 1/2 the price of a replacement humidifier. Thank you for helping me !!"

Sam Wilson


"When I saw that you had a price increase I was worried, but when I found my correct pad it was still cheaper than any site."


"..thanks for the advice..."

"Thanks again for your advice in which model to choose for my new home. Living in the desert gives us special problems because we need humidity in the summer as well as the winter. The S2000 steam humidifier that we installed has allowed us to make sure that our wood floors won't have any cracks. Thanks for the advice."

James Spader
Reno Nevada

"..exactly what we needed..."

"Thanks for all your help on the phone in deciding what parts I needed to repair the humidifier that was in our home when we bought it. The parts that you sent us were exactly what we needed to get the 200P up and running. The time that you spent with us on the phone made the installation easy. Thanks again for your help. It's nice to actually be able to talk to a human being , and one that actually knows the product!"

AJ from Toledo

"..your expertise..."

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your help in installing the float assembly for our older 244D humidifier. I was afraid that we would have to buy a new unit, but with your expertise we'll last a couple of more years."

Todd Sampson

"..your questions helped..."

"Price it was very interesting to speak with you before we bought our first humidifier. Your questions helped us to select what I think is the right model to fit our new house. The advice about buying extra pads with the complete unit made a lot of sense. We'll be back here again when we need pads two years from now."

Yours truly,
William and Andrea from Dallas

"..you got back to us..."

"We tried 3 web sites before we came to yours and yours was the only one where could ask questions from a real person in real time. We left a message and you got back to us the next morning. We"ll be back again!"

Sara and Dan


"We did a lot of research before we called about pricing for multiple quantities of pads and a discount. The saving in part prices and what we saved on freight when we bought a case paid for two of our pads. Thanks again for the advice."

Tim from East Northport NY

"..an actual person..."

"It was really nice to reach an actual person on our first phone call. In this day and age that's very unusual and I was really surprised when you answered on the 2nd ring. Being able to ask my questions directly makes a huge difference - no more guess work from a list on a web site. You can count on my coming back when I need more pads."

Beverly Logan

"..talked us though the installation..."

"When we bought our house it had an AutoFlo humidifier. Our plumber told us that AutoFlo no longer existed and we had to by a new unit from a different manufacturer at $650 installed. When we found you site we called and you arranged to send us the parts we needed to repair our model for only $69 and actually talked us through the installation. Thanks for all your help!!! "

Frank and Marcia Menella - Lancaster VA

"..speak to a human being..."

"Thank you for your help. The float and pad holder worked perfectly. As I said before the generic parts that we used before never quite fit properly, but the official AutoFlo parts worked great. Again thanks for your help. It was really nice to actually speak to a human being who could answer our questions. We'll see you again next year."

Harv Arians - Newport News VA

"..knows the product..."

"With the way technical service is done in today's industry, it was a pleasure to speak to someone I could understand, that knows the product and the industry well, and answers right away when we called. I will be back."

Cindy Ralph - Wiretown NJ

"..very patient..."

"Its important to me to be able to ask questions about a product that I'm going to buy because I need to know that if I have a question about how to install it or how to repair it, I can speak to someone who knows the product. As a woman I've found too many service people that are very condescending when talking to me. You were very patient in explaining how each part worked. If I ever need another humidifier, I'll certainly be back to AutoFlo at Sierra Sales!"

Vivian S. from Toledo

"..extremely patient..."

"When we were looking at a steam humidifier to replace the old unit we've had for almost 15 years, we had a lot of questions about service and reliability of the new unit. When I spoke to you, you were extremely patient throughout multiple phone calls before we purchased the unit, as well as afterwards when our installer had a question. I'm typically not someone who writes to praise instead of complain, but I'm making an exception.
Thank you for all of your help."

Vern T. from Phoenix NM

"..tried 5 web sites..."

"I tried at least 5 web sites before yours before I could actually speak to someone who would answer my questions. I hate having to go into a chat room to ask about why something doesn't work. With your setup, asking my questions is simply a phone call away. If anyone asks me where to go for help with their humidifier, I know where I'll send them, right to 888-442-8742!!!"

Lilly Carter - Brooklyn NY

"..you can count on our business..."

"When our humidifier stopped putting out humidity, our service person told us we had to replace the unit. When I called your web site, after asking questions, you explained that the only problem was that the service man had closed the baffle where the bypass line tied into the return air duct. It did not cost us any thing but the price of the call to solve the problem, and you paid for the call!! When we need pads next year you can count on our business!"

Wiliam H. - Detroit