Instructions & Spec Sheets

Sierra Sales and Service carries every available home humidifier Instruction Manual and Specifications Sheet here in PDF format. Click the links below to view and print these documents.


Installation Instructions

Specifications Sheets

200P 200P
250 250
300 300
40 40
400-800BP 400-800BP
97 97
ESU-14 & 20 ESU-14 & 20
SC15 SC15
S2000 & S2020 S2000 & S2020
SU14-SU20 SU14-SU20
X-15A not available
X-15B not available
BA200G not available
ESU Wiring Diagram Water Hammer Arrester Installation
S2000 Replacement Parts Instruction Sheets:
Circuit Board Thermister Probe
Water Level Probe Fan Failure Safety
Lock-out Circuit
Zinc Anode Water Fill Valve